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Are they
bonded and insured?

Covered by Workers Compensation?

If not, YOU and your
company are at risk!

A very important part of hiring a cleaning company is finding out if they are trustworthy. After all, they will be in your office and, at times, out of your supervision. Becoming comfortable with them and communicating your needs effectively helps maintain a long-term working relationship. San-i-Kleen Maintenance understands this well.

Even before you hire a cleaning service, it's very important that you get to know them. The more questions you ask before you hire, the better off you'll be.

• Do they maintain proper liability insurance?

• Are they bonded?

• Do they have long-term client references?

• How long have they been in business?

• Are their employees covered in the state "Worker's Compensation" program? (If not, they may be paying their employees "under the table”

• Will they give you a detailed description of the services they will be providing? Will there be on-site management to oversee the work performed?

• Will they maintain the same cleaning crew, or will it be a new provider every week?

• Will they arrive at the same time every week?

• How long do they expect the service to take?

• How many service providers will be coming?

• Do they supply their own cleaning equipment and chemicals? (Hopefully "yes")

• Will you be charged for any miscellaneous services, and will you be notified before they implement them?

• Do they provide complete cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, tile waxing, window washing, etc.?

• Does the cleaning company present themselves in a professional, respectful manner?

• Do they dress appropriately?

• Are they courteous?

• Do they communicate well?

• Do you feel you can trust them?

• Have you received price quotes from a variety of services?


Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Company!

Why not take a few minutes and check since you ARE held responsible for any work related injury that happens on your job site. As well, if your cleaners are not bonded and insured you are at risk to absorb any losses from theft.

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